Jordan Strauss: Creator of "Crush It This Week"

After suffering 2 Strokes at the age of the 31 I learned just how brief life can be and how precious each and every day truly is. We all intellectually know that we should
value each day. For me, it wasn’t until I nearly had everything taken away from me that I truly understood the amazing opportunity that we are granted each day when we lift our heads from the pillow.

Just one month before my first Stroke I decided that I wanted to combine my passion for helping people reach their goals with the self-help and business knowledge I began studying 6 years earlier. I put up a website, made a Facebook Page,  and wrote and E-Book called: The 7 Secrets of Change. Call it “Life Coaching” or  “Success Coaching”  that’s what I wanted to do.

Jordan strauss success coach

The “Test”

September 30th, of 2014, I suffered a major Stroke as a result of a neck injury.  After spending one week in the Intensive Care Unit, I was allowed to go home.  Even though I was having trouble walking and experiencing weakness in my right hand, I was doing extremely well and had surprised the doctors with the speed of my recovery.

On the 2nd day I was home from the hospital, I took a nap, woke up, then slightly turned my head to the side. It happened again.   I had another stroke.

motivationThe artery that tore during the first stroke collapsed completely. I was rushed to the local hospital then, medevaced back to the the Stroke Unit at Jefferson University Hospital.  This time, I wasn’t as lucky.

The stroke caused brain damage to my cerebellum on the right side.  I was no longer able to walk or stand under my own power.  Also, the nerve that controls my diaphragm (the thing that makes you hiccup) was “broken”. To add insult to injury I had hiccups for 6 days straight, hiccuping as many as 30 times per minute.

Before the doctors would let me go home again they needed me to be able to walk.

The physical therapist told me that I was going to need support. I was offered either a walker or a cane. The tough guy in  me wanted the cane, but the way that I had been humbled over the past couple weeks told me to ask for the walker.

success coachWith my wife on my left, and the physical therapist on my right, I started to make my way down the small entryway that opened up to the hospital hallway.  Doing everything I could to put one foot in front of the other, and everything I could to fight back the tears, I got to the doorway, looked down the hall and then a voice came in my head:

“I’m going to use this to help SO MANY people.”  “I’m going to get past this and use everything that I have learned to help others.”

I didn’t think, Why me? Or, This isn’t fair.

I had every right to be angry, every right to be discouraged, but that wasn’t how I felt.

I was blessed to have this mindset, but I wasn’t born like this.

From Struggle to Success

At the age of 25, I was broke, buried under a mountain of debt and still living at home with my parents. I had just failed at starting my own business and felt completely directionless. I knew that I wanted more out of life and that I was “better than” the results I was getting.  I didn’t know where to look, or who to ask for answers.

motivational speech

Thankfully,  one Christmas my parents bought me a copy of Think and Grow Rich.  Normally, I hated to read. However, this time I was desperate. The title of the book was enough to spark my curiosity, and I started reading.  Not only did I read it, but I underlined and highlighted the entire thing.  Reading that book sent me on a journey of personal development that would change my life.

Over the next 5 years I was able to turn my passion for playing guitar into a full time job, payoff all of my high interest debt, meet and marry the love of my life (we even have a viral video from our wedding, nearly a half million views so far) and build a brand new 3 bedroom home in a town where I had once dreamed of living.

jordan the success coachIt’s easy to stay positive when everything is going our way.  It’s when we are knocked down that we find out what we are truly made of. If I had never done so much work on myself and my mindset, there is no way that I could have survived my two strokes.  My ability to keep a positive mindset and hold on to a vision of a better future is what allowed me to come back from my strokes. If I had never bettered myself, the strokes may have gotten the best of me. Instead, I was able to comeback, stronger, wiser and more determined than ever before.

Advising Strategies & Success

So what. I recovered from 2 Strokes. Does that automatically qualify me to give advice to others?

Not Necessarily.

However, between making such massive improvements in my own life and my 13 years of helping guitarists of all ages reach their goals…DOES.

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My career as a guitar teacher taught me how to work with others and help them achieve their goals. When I started applying the personal development principles I had learned to my guitar teaching, the success of my students skyrocketed, and so did my business.

As a guitar teacher I had to be able to take complicated processes and break them down into simple and actionable steps. I also had to be able to look at problems and obstacles and find effective and creative solutions for them. The same skills that I learned from teaching guitar can be applied to helping people reach their goals.

After seeing the success that I had been able to achieve in all of the areas of my life, my colleagues and peers started asking me for help in achieving results similar to those I had achieved.

motivational videosI applied the “Self-Help” principles I had learned and used the goal achievement process that I developed during my guitar teaching. When my peers and colleagues started to achieve results, I realized that teaching guitar was cool, but helping others to reach their goals is what really fires me up, it makes me leap out of bed in the mornings and allows me feel an abundant feeling of purpose.

Now it’s my mission to use the systems, processes, life skills, compassion and perseverance I’ve learned from surviving two strokes and personal development knowledge that I have been studying for the past 7 years to give you time-tested, proven strategies and tactics for overcoming your obstacles and maximizing your potential.